The President of ICBC Visits Our Company

极速快乐8走势 In the afternoon of May 11th, Mr. XuJie, the president of ICBC visited our company. Entrusted by Chairman of Yulian Group Zhang Hongen, company leaders Mr.Ma Luping, Wang Yuanming, He Huaiqin and Cui Hongsong were accompanied by XuJie and his subordinates to examine our company.
On the observation platform of our industrial park, the vice chairman of Yulian group Ma Luping gave a brief introduction of the development including power generation, electrolytic aluminum, and high-precision aluminum deep processing. Then, president Xu and his partners enthusiastically visited the High Precision Aluminum Company. Wang Yuanming, the general manager of Yulian Group, made a brief introduction of the construction, production, and management. President Xu spoke of High Precision Company as a “world class and domestic leader”of the modern production line, and spoke highly of the clean and orderly production areas and good mental outlook of company employees. President Xu said: “ICBC will actively implement the instructions given by the State Council and the provincial government, and will provide our best to support the company and promote its economy restructuring and industry upgrading. ”


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